Influenced by his architectural training Norman A Quinn has a sensitivity to space & composition that is visually compelling & entices the viewer in”…

Born in rural Ballyroney, County Down, Northern Ireland, Norman has a diploma in Architectural Technology and a Honours Degree in Architecture (Commendation). He had worked as a fully registered Architect for ten years and circumstances then drew him to the world of photography and he has never looked back .

Totally self taught, his architecture and design background greatly influences his penchant for simple exacting photographs of sky, horizon, people and the marks humankind leaves behind.
His lack of photography training has given him an advantage in that he has developed his own unique style and his main asset is his creativity and imagination. Composition plays a major part in his work and he sees himself more as a visual artist than a photographer as he tries to create images with that certain ‘wow’ factor that you need to step back from as they take your breath away.”

Photography happened by chance and was not a career path he purposely set out on but it is one that he thoroughly enjoys and he is glad that the opportunity to do something he loves has come his way.

His services:

Norman is a forward thinking, motivated and creative photographer. His unique attention to detail allowing him to produce distinctive photographic results.

More than just a photographer, he is able to advise and direct at all stages of a shoot. He will assist with your original concept and model casting through to the final selection of images. With an exceptionally trained eye, his post-production and re-touching skills are second to none.

He is an internationally published and award winning photographer who operates on a freelance basis and works personally with each and every client, therefore always ensuring images of the highest quality.

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  1. Tara

    Hi Norman!

    As a new resident of Belfast, I was drawn to your work immediately. The attention to detail and creativity behind every photograph demonstrate your passion and desire to create art at a high level of professionalism and skill. Thank you for making great work and in turn being an inspiration.

    Moving to Belfast has been an incredible experience thus far. I came to pursue a Masters degree in Photography through the post-graduate program at the University of Ulster located in downtown Belfast. As the program is two years I will be looking for some part-time work during my studies.

    Having worked with digital photography for the past ten years, I have many skills I would love to contribute to a creative environment. With extensive training in professional lighting techniques, post-production editing, styling and assisting, I know I will be a valuable asset to any studio.

    Three years ago I started a creative services business in Cleveland, Ohio. Leaving it with my partners this fall to pursue my Masters degree was a difficult change however my love for learning and the desire to continue teaching at a university level in the future is what ultimately made the decision an easy one.

    In the hopes that you have work you may need help with, I would love nothing more than to contribute to your already astounding work. Whether it be assisting, lighting, editing, archiving, client relations or second shooting, I have had extensive experience in every position and can happily fulfill any needs you have. I am a quick and eager learner with a high level of professionalism and enthusiasm.

    The work I put into the business I mentioned, HUE Creative, with which I worked until this September, can be seen on the website, My personal work and the current basis of my thesis can be viewed on my website, I am happy to send along my CV and any further work you may be interested in viewing.

    My greatest appreciation for your art, life and work. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Tara Raftovich

    Adjunct Instructor | School of Visual Communication Design
    Kent State University | Kent, Ohio

    HUE Creative | Owner, Photographer
    Cleveland, Ohio |

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